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A guide to staying active during your pregnancy
Light to moderate exercise can become an important part of helping you feel your best during pregnancy, preparing your body for labour and recovering after the birth. Studies have shown that in most cases exercise during pregnancy is safe for both mother and baby when done correctly.
Do not worry if you were not very active before your pregnancy as the aim of pregnancy exercise is not to achieve peak fitness just to maintain fitness levels and a healthy weight gain.
Benefits of staying active in pregnancy:
For mum:
·   Prevents excessive weight gain
·   Makes you feel good, sleep better and have more energy
·   Develops stronger muscles to help you in labour
·  Contributes to less swelling and less chance of  varicose veins
·   Development of fewer aches and pains associated with backache, leg cramps and joint stiffness.
·    Reduces the risk of gestational (pregnancy) diabetes and high blood pressure
·   Speedier recovery following the birth
For baby:
  • Babies born to exercising mothers have been found to be leaner and stronger and are less likely to develop diabetes and obesity in later life.
  • They are better able to cope with the stress of labour in particular if there is unanticipated maternal stress.
  • Studies have even shown that babies born to active mothers can be smarter and more content!